quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2008

Hearts & Cigarettes

Letra de uma música que estou compondo, que ilustra um pouco os contos do Luidou.

When She Comes Closer
I hardly understand why
Life is so meaningless
I'm such a old memory
You are like my cigarettes
That I smoke without regrets

For such guy like me
I girl so like you is enough
You said you need someone
I said you need me
You said you need anyone
I wish I was anybody else

Time is like a highway
I'm about to hit the road
You ask me to stay
Gave me a pen to write
But All I just got was
a pain inside my heart

I wish I could cry
With your hand in mine
My heart in your soul
A good taste in my lip
Some hope for tomorrow
I don't even give a shit

You are a troubled remedy, for a trouble soul
You are a goddess, for a faithless man
So, won't I go along? Before it gets too long
I have no time, so I have to sing a song.
I have no dime, so I have to stay.

Finally you got here
I'm in the same place
And your eyes feel pity
I just have no friends
I got to hold in the bottle
Before go complete insane

Now It's about Five A.m.
The telephone rang
You asked me to disappear
My heart is a-bleeding
The soul is lost
Someone burn my eyes

You are a finally gone, and finally killed
I indeed wave goodbye, before the end
So, won't I go along? Before you disappear
I have no time, so I guess I won't
I have no dime, so I have no chest.

I ain't man enough to stand

Se existir algum erro absurdo, favor avisar, preciso revisar com calma, mas mesmo assim senti vontade de compartilhar a letra.

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Ana Carolina disse...

não existe nenhum erro absurdo.
de quem é a música? gostei muito.